Mea Adams

What Is Bound?
What Is Bound? [second gallery]
InLight Richmond 2011
Light Exhibit
Ceramics: Wheel-thrown
Ceramics: Hand-built

InLight Richmond 2011
Mea Adams and Logan Dennison
Souvenir, 2011
Recycled steel, light, magnets

Souvenir: An object acquired to link the owner to a past experience.

Souvenir is inspired by the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement—as particles interact, their physical properties join into a single quantum state that is retained at the sub-atomic level even over long distances.

By taking a magnet, each viewer will take with them not only a psychological memory, but a physical memory as well. In addition, the viewer removing the magnet releases the potential physical movement of the light and causes a revelation not only for the one who has removed the stopper, but for all who are to experience the piece from that point on.

InLight Richmond 2011:
The juror for InLight RIchmond 2011 was Matthew Lyons, Curator at The Kitchen, in New York, where he has organized exhibitions by Amy Granat, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Glen Fogel, Vlatka Horvat, Alex Hubbard, Jenny Perlin, Sean Raspet, and Mika Tajima, as well as performances by luciana achugar, Discoteca Flaming Star, Jutta Koether, Aki Onda, Owen Pallett, and robbinschilds, among many others. Past group exhibitions he has co-organized include One Minute More, Just Kick It Till It Breaks, Between Thought and Sound: Graphic Notation in Contemporary Music, and The Future As Disruption at The Kitchen, as well as Dance Dance Revolution at Columbia University. In 2009, he organized the group exhibition Character Generator at Eleven Rivington, NY. His writing has appeared in ASPECT Magazine, Flash Art, Movement Research Performance Journal, and Work the Room: A Handbook of Performance Strategies.