Mea Adams

What Is Bound?
What Is Bound? [second gallery]
InLight Richmond 2011
Light Exhibit
Ceramics: Wheel-thrown
Ceramics: Hand-built

What Is Bound?
What is bound? And what must we unbind? This series investigates the perpetual nature of action, process, change, and result. These pieces seek to function as more than just objects, but as questions—temporal considerations of extremes and our perceptions of the spaces in between them. What is present? And what is absent?

The pieces in the first gallery are the concrete manifestation of abstract desires to be more responsive to my immediate environment and to adopt a process that allows for both intuitive and reactive decision-making. Each step of these works follows as a response to the step before it. These series of steps present a study of connection and connectivity: interdependency and balance within each step of the process.